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ActiveCollab is a web-based collaboration and project management platform offering some of the best reporting tools. It is quite powerful software helping teams to up their efficiency and collaborate seamlessly. The software is easy-to-use. With a bouquet of reporting software tools, the software offers a hassle-free platform to collaborate with clients. With ActiveCollab, users can keep their data in one place wherein team members who have access can communicate, stay alert and observe the tasks that they need to execute. ActiveCollab is the best reporting software that frees users of maintenance, hosting, and administrative work. The software even offers the self-hosted option to give users complete control over their URLs, and data and the freedom to give access to an unlimited number of members. Users have the control to manage the features that the clients will be able to see and access. This helps maintain privacy. The primary benefits of the software are its ability to offer seamless collaboration, organize workflows and data security. With ActiveCollab, users get the benefit of email integration for continuous communication, right from the beginning to the end of every collaboration project. With its time-tracking features, users can compute charges for their teams as well as clients. ActiveCollab is recommended for organizations that have offices at multiple locations. With the software, they can ensure that everyone stays updated and works together. Its features like task delegation, file sharing, internal communication, team discussion, and many others make work easier for users.




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