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Secure Content Management Solutions for a Distributed Workforce
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Alfresco is one of the Best Document Management Software. It is primarily used by organizations for web content management, digital image management, and enterprise content management. The software is designed to smooth collaboration, document sharing, and content creation. The most used features of Alfresco are streamlining workflows, document sharing, and boosting team productivity. An efficient Document Management System, the software can also be used to offer information storage services and publish capabilities for the users.

The primary objective of creating this Online Document Management Software was the prevention of cluttering and information mismanagement. It can handle large amounts of information effectively. Alfresco helps streamline content creation, and promote seamless workflow in organizations while nurturing collaboration among teams. The system helps teams share relevant documents and gain access to those that are shared.

One of the leading Document Management Software, Alfresco helps teams collaborate in an organized fashion. It allows employees to finish their tasks and projects within deadlines. Being an open-source content management solution, Alfresco offers standard support. It offers extensions and integration that can be easily implemented and used for a longer duration.

Focused Area

  • document management system
  • dms software
  • contract management system
  • electronic document management system
  • file management software

Industries Focus

  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Healthcare

Core Features

  • records management systems
  • document management system software
  • document management solutions

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