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Leading AR/VR ,Web & Mobile app development company

244 5th Avenue, Suite 2987, New York, Gujarat, 10001, United States


Arccus is a leading technology company specializing in AR/VR development, mobile, and web development services. With expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we create immersive AR/VR experiences and deliver high-quality mobile and web solutions that drive innovation, engagement, and growth for businesses across diverse industries.


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    Nalnda School

    Nalanda School Management System, comprising a Web Admin Portal and a Mobile App. This comprehensive system is designed to enhance communication and streamline administrative tasks within educational institutions, fostering a more efficient and engaging environment for parents, teachers, and administrators.

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    Lumin Fitness

    Our project aimed to create a holistic web and mobile app solution tailored for Lumin Fitness Studio franchise owners. The primary objective was to revolutionize the onboarding process for prospective franchisees by providing them with a comprehensive platform. This platform guides them through vital business information, allows them to experience the studio through VR mode, facilitates the agreement process, and even schedules calls with the support team.

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    ChatBot AI

    Ask Chatbot is a revolutionary AI chat assistant powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 technology. It serves as a versatile gateway to seamless communication and assistance. This AI offers swift responses, assists in content creation, language translation, grammar correction, and provides specialized developer tools. Users can engage in dynamic conversations with the AI, personalize their experience, and trust in its reliability and security.

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    Reeva Expert

    Reeva is an avant-garde, AI-driven assistant tailored for the modern real estate agent. By harnessing the potential of advanced artificial intelligence, Reeva reimagines the real estate experience, offering automation, precision, and seamless interactions. From AI-generated contracts to personalized email templates, Reeva streamlines various processes, freeing agents to focus on what they do best: selling properties and cultivating client relationships.



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