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Close is a customer relationship management tool that helps manage relationships with leads and clients. The software boasts of a host of sales automation features that helps salespeople in lead generation. It expedites the process of contacting customers, nurturing leads, and closing deals without any issues. The purpose of the software is to centralize the process of lead generation and sales pipeline while organizing the entire team.

The primary advantage of Close is that it provides flexibility to businesses for managing their leads. It empowers them with a seamless marketing process wherein users can import the list of sales leads. They can seek prospects and eliminate clutter and downtime by using the power dialer feature. With this software, it becomes easy to focus on nurturing sales and getting rid of technical drawbacks.

Close CRM is the perfect software for small business and medium-sized companies to handle outgoing calls automatically. The single dashboard helps the sales team to take care of sales and close deals swiftly. The automation of the sales process through lead calling helps the team contact leads in an organized manner.

Close comes with multiple features like easy voicemail that allows salespeople to leave custom voicemails, email marketing that helps automate the campaign, and global calling to reach almost 200 countries. The software simplifies the process of CRM and helps management focus on other important work.

Focused Area

  • CRM
  • Sales software
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Sales Automation

Industries Focus

  • Banking
  • Software developement
  • Financial & Payments
  • Retail

Core Features

  • Call Automation
  • Sales Acceleration Software
  • Email Automation
  • Sales Automation

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