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Building the Future with Innovation

4400 E Royal Lane Building 3, Suite 290, Irving, Texas, 75039, United States


CodeAegis is a leading software development company with eight years of experience providing innovative digital solutions to clients worldwide. Our commitment is reflected in our projects, showcasing our unique designs in everything we create.

CodeAegis has been at the forefront of helping businesses globally since we came into existence in 2016. The motto of our company is to deliver on-demand tailor-made software solutions for our global clients.

Our diverse team, spread across the USA, UAE, Kuwait, and India, is a powerhouse of seasoned professionals. With their expertise, we have crafted customizable next-generation products for a wide range of industries, including real estate, healthcare, fintech, hospitality, travel, e-commerce, agriculture, sports, and gaming.

We are known for delivering future-ready software solutions that are transformative, high-performing, and feature-oriented to ensure customer satisfaction. Our scalable products can help businesses push their boundaries, regardless of their industry. With over 200+ successful projects under our belt, we provide dedicated support and maintenance for up to 6 months after product delivery.


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