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DigitalCRM is a customer relationship management software solution. It offers the benefit of lead management, marketing, sales pipeline and CRM solutions to small and medium-sized companies. Being an online platform, it helps automate the workflow process of businesses and marketing agencies. The objective of the software is to help improve the performance of the business as well as productivity.

DigitalCRM takes customer information, sales data, leads and other important elements and feeds them to a centralized location. This helps achieve workflow optimization and efficiency. The platform has eased business management and marketing operations while improving sales leads and customer base. With this software, it is easier to grow a business without any hassles.

All the processes related to customer relationship management including marketing, lead management, sales pipeline, and customer acquisition, among others are automated with this software. It comes equipped with a comprehensive dashboard and a simple layout that helps in contact management, lead management, sales pipeline management, and extensive reporting.

There are different functions built into the software that helps organize the information related to customers in an efficient and practical manner. With this, users are able to communicate faster while generating workable leads and closing more sales. DigitalCRM is appreciated for unburdening the marketing team from repetitive work, making them focus more on clients rather than processes.

Focused Area

  • CRM
  • Lead Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Industries Focus

  • Banking
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Information Technology

Reviews (1)

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