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dMACQ document management system comes packed with powerful functionalities like consolidation of documents and content management on a single platform. This Document Management Software is a neutral platform with capabilities to integrate the DMS with all the recognized ERP applications. With its analytics engine and machine learning features, dMACQ offers the most advanced DMS solution in the market. It even offers detailed capabilities for organizing data for any organization. Users can upload data in bulk and automate mode through interfaces that are easy to use.

dMACQ is one of the Best Document Management Software. It offers several APIs for easy integration options for organizations. Every user using dMACQ has the right for configuring their own dashboard information. With its help, automated reports can be generated based on user-defined criteria. With its multiple distinct pre-organized searches, it offers quick retrieval of information. Users can also define and bookmark search criteria. An Online Document Management Software, it offers advanced tools for page insertions, annotations, digital signatures, automated re-indexing and related advanced controls.

A leading Document Management System, dMACQ OCR engine supports more than 130 languages. The experts at the company understand and customize the use of OCR technology for optimal data capturing & search needs. The metadata structuring engine allows organizations to define and efficiently use or reuse metadata across information banks. It helps in optimal and efficient search and retrieval. It is offered as On-premise, SaaS and Hybrid development options.

Focused Area

  • document management system
  • dms software
  • edms software
  • Records Management

Industries Focus

  • Insurance
  • Financial & Payments

Core Features

  • records management systems
  • electronic document management system

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