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iVisit App is one of the best reporting software for customer visits, security patrolling and field service activities. It helps make face-to-face video messaging and conferencing easy and convenient. Being a unified communication solution, the app brings together a host of best reporting tools through peer-to-peer network technology. The software is a windows-style wizard which makes installation quick and simple. It requires online registration that is completely free. After registration, it is possible to invite contacts into the iVisit network via the web form. iVisit offers a basic and black IM-style interface with a display window. Icons are very simple and basic. They are labelled with people, places, Home, and log. The home icon leads to the settings page. There are numerous features offered by the app like teleconferencing, instant messaging, chat, recording, and business-oriented tools for presentations, document sharing, and collaborations. iVisit offers some of the best reporting tools to merge daily communications in one simple interface. The reporting software tools make the software a must for businesses. iVisit helps users allocate tasks based on real-time location. It helps automate reports to the customers. It even offers an exact travel allowance. Field executives can report their site visits in real-time, enabling the back-end team to take quick decisions.




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