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Kayako is a helpdesk software. It is available both as on-premise and web-based. The software places all the support channels at a single location, thereby helping users to track customer queries efficiently. Kayako works well both for smaller organisations and larger ones. With this software, users can expand their helpdesk across varied channels. Phone, tickets, web, live chat, email, and self-service support are available on the platform. Users can access insights from their customer support engagements. This helps them understand market patterns, bottlenecks, and buying behaviours in the service workflows. Kayako allows automating helpdesk for managing repetitive queries. This removes the burden on the agents, making them focus on important tasks. With the software, it is possible to route, sort, and organise emails swiftly and also accurately. Users get a mobile app for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The features in the package are scalable, depending on the requirements. The primary advantages of the software are customizations, accessibility, and streamlined helpdesk processes. With this, it is possible to create a 24x7 self-service portal and brand it with the company logo. Users can link the helpdesk to appropriate departments so the agents can avail answers. The automation of the software can handle recurring queries of large volume. It supports multi-brand customization for users having a large product portfolio.



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