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Solid and stable technology behind businesses

ulitsa Lizy Chaykinoy, 14, Minsk, Minsk, 220021, Belarus


Krononsoft specializes in building custom mobile and web applications for businesses.

When business professionals come to us with their ideas and challenges, we provide a team of experts to address their needs, validate their concepts, and transform them into efficient software solutions.

Our Method:

  • Transparent Communication: We prioritize honest, open, and straightforward communication.
  • Flexible Process: Our approach is adaptable and clear, featuring weekly deliveries and daily progress updates.
  • Quality Code: We produce code that is easy to maintain and update.
  • Technological Expertise: We support all major mainstream technologies.
  • Diverse Industry Experience: We have extensive experience across various sectors, including real estate, e-commerce, healthcare, sports, media, education, fintech, and ERP systems.

Primary Services:

  • Custom Software Development: We create, maintain, and update custom applications and websites of any complexity to enhance user and business experiences.
  • Project Takeover: We rescue projects facing quality issues or delays, bringing them back on track without major rewrites or changes to the technology stack.
  • Emergency Assistance: Our team of senior engineers handles urgent software issues such as crashes, memory leaks, security flaws, and certificate problems.
  • Code Reviews: Our senior engineers conduct thorough code audits to evaluate quality and ensure readiness for launch or further updates.



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