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Nifty is a project management software. It helps users to manage workloads while setting goals and timelines and establishing team collaborations. The software offers users to see the real-time progress of their tasks. It helps organize their projects by the means of visualization tools like calendar view, Kanban board, and others. One of the best reporting software, Nifty allows users to upload files for their project documents. This eases the process of team collaboration. The search function tool of the app helps find all the files that the users upload across various projects and even through direct messages.

Nifty provides some best reporting tools to users. It provides a project home screen that users can customize to showcase required information and insights. Users can even check project milestones, tasks, and time spent. With Nifty, users can organize their projects into portfolios based on account ownership, client delivery, and other factors. Users can create tasks and subtasks and convert task lists into milestones. This helps progress tracking in a better manner. The primary benefits of the project management software are its reporting software tools, actionable analytics, and team collaboration, among others.

Nifty automates task assignments. It supports recurring objectives. With the software, users can prioritize tasks with the help of a filter function that enables them to organize their tasks based on milestones, deadlines and other criteria. The software offers a discussion board that the team can use to share ideas. It helps maintain the flow of communication regarding projects and tasks.

Focused Area

  • Automated Reports
  • Report Export
  • Time Tracking
  • Reporting and Forecasting
  • File Management

Industries Focus

  • Banking
  • Financial & Payments
  • Retail
  • Advertising & Marketing

Core Features

  • Data visualization
  • Analytics
  • KPI dashboards
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Mobile Access

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