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Work smarter with automated document assembly
Wilders Plads 15a, Copenhagen, Capital Region 1403, DK Denmark +45 53 57 55 81
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Templafy is one of the recognized Document Management Software. The software helps organisations manage and update brand assets in an organised manner. It is easy to control by the Communications team in a company. It is even easy to understand and simple to use. IT teams can effortlessly monitor the working of the software. It integrates with the document template and varied office apps in a company. Organisations can use it for creating documents and presentations efficiently.

One of the Best Document Management Software, Templafy helps companies maintain consistency across communication materials, whether they are contracts, emails, presentations, or letters. It has simplified content management and digital asset management. With the help of Templafy, teams can put together different document templates in a single location and update them from there. Integrating digital asset management becomes simple with the software. Previously approved templates appear in the task pane of the software which is visible in the office applications.

Templafy is an efficient Online Document Management Software. The software is very convenient to use as it adapts effortlessly to the requirements of the businesses, irrespective of their size and industry. Templafy ensures that documents remain consistent among all the departments in the organisation including sales and marketing, human resource, IT, administration, and legal. This popular Document Management System allows managers to update the brand assets and document templates as well, independently without assistance.

Focused Area

  • Template Management
  • Brand Management
  • Cloud Templates
  • Document Automation

Industries Focus

  • media
  • healthcare
  • retail

Core Features

  • Cloud Templates
  • Enterprise Cloud Software
  • Digital Transformation

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