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Keep everything in the same place—even if your team isn’t
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Trello is a smart collaboration app that offers a user-friendly workflow organization method. Professionals prefer Trello for its board and card system wherein projects are marked separately with boards. There is a card for each task making it easy to refer to. These cards comprise tracking lists prioritizing individual assignments. Trello makes it simple to follow the progress of every task.

Trello offers regular notifications to team members regarding changes in the system. Team members can even add new participants to the conversation. The streamlined voting system of the app allows employees to support or disapprove of any project. Trello has minimized the risk of confusion that generally affects the team members, working on multiple projects. It allows for smooth editing through its drag-and-drop mechanism. Users can upload files straight from their Dropbox Google Drive account, or Box.

With its Power-Up calendar feature, Trello allows the convenience of prioritizing tasks with shorter deadlines, assigning last-minute operations, and displaying them on the status. The app brings together a host of project management and collaboration functions. It offers employees a private channel wherein they can communicate, collaborate, follow updates, and even discuss the status of each project, in real time. Trello complies with the highest security standards, allowing sharing of sensitive data. Administrators can set permissions and make boards private, accessible only by authorized participants.

Focused Area

  • Progress Tracking
  • Project Planning
  • Team Collaboration
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Task Management

Industries Focus

  • Accounting
  • Computer & Network Security
  • Computer Software
  • Education Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology & Services
  • Marketing & Advertising

Reviews (1)

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