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605, 6th Floor, B Square-I, BRTS Road, near Neptune House Iscon, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380058, India


TRooTech is an industry-leading custom software development company and a key player in providing agile and innovative tailored solutions to every unique business need, regardless of size and type. We craft scalable, robust, and customer-centric software applications using cutting-edge technologies, helping organizations excel and thrive in this digital era and take it towards unprecedented success.

TRooTech is a top AI ML development company that enables businesses to gain data-based insights through AI and ML solutions.  We enable our clients to harness the power of real-time data using predictive analytics and Machine Learning algorithms to maximize efficiency and drive exceptional outcomes.


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    Over the past year, IKEA has placed significant confidence in the capabilities of TRooTech's resources, particularly highlighting the expertise of our frontend developers. Their contributions have been instrumental in enhancing IKEA's 'Design Your Space' module. This innovative feature allows customers to creatively design various living spaces such as rooms, kitchens, and living areas using augmented reality (AR), enabling them to visualize and purchase a complete IKEA setup in one seamless experience.

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    ACC Limites

    ACC Limited faced challenges in managing the logistics of cement transportation to their distributors and retailers. Issues included precise fleet tracking, drivers' difficulties with mobile app usage, and reliance on paper records for last-mile documentation. TRooTech provided a tailored solution by developing and deploying a digital transport management system, addressing ACC Limited's specific operational needs and resolving their logistical hurdles.



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