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Vision Helpdesk

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Vision Helpdesk is an efficient all-in-one multi-channel ticket management software. It is apt for businesses that require top notch functionalities for boosting their customer support services. The software offers all the needed tools that assist businesses to offer consistent and excellent customer service. Companies can monitor progress and even improve processes. The comprehensive tools offered by Vision Helpdesk are well appreciated by both small and large companies. The user-friendly interface makes it one of the top favourites. The software helps automate responses and organise service tickets, thanks to its incident and problem management feature. The self-help community feature allows setting up knowledge bases and forums. With Vision Helpdesk, users do not need to alternate between apps. This is because the multi-channel help features of the software smooths the process of handling multiple channels like email, calls, Twitter, Facebook, chat, web forms, and others, from a single platform. Users will like the ITIL/ITSM modules, staff collaboration tools, and options that help gamify the helpdesk. The software can easily adapt to particular requirements of any business. The reason being it's flexibility to deploy as an SaaS or on-premise. Vision Helpdesk offers three products viz. Vision Helpdesk, Satellite Helpdesk, and Service Desk. Users having multiple companies, products, or brands can utilize Vision Helpdeak. It offers a single portal for different brands while offering a brandes client portal for every brand. Vision Helpdeak helps in problem management, change management, release management, knowledgeable management, incident management, among others. Users who have more than one company, product, or brand, can use this particular product. It provides a one-stop portal for all these different brands, while also providing a branded client portal for each brand or company. Service Desk (ITIL/ITSM Desk) – With this product, companies can handle Problem Management, Release Management, Incident Management, Change Management, Asset Management, Solution or Knowledgeable Management, and CMDB. This product adheres to the regulations of IT service management (ITSM), under definitions set by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).



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