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Voci is the first Automatic Speech Recognition engine in the world. One of the leading Speech Recognition Software, Voci is built specifically for the contact centre. The software is tuned for the loud buzz of contact centre audio. Its ASR engine offers industry-leading transcription accuracy out of the box. It can be further tuned with custom language models to meet whatever the application requires. The ASR engine processes up to 1000 hours of audio in 1 hour on a single 1U server. It can seamlessly expand to transcribe thousands or millions of hours of audio quickly and efficiently. With Voci, one of the Best Speech Recognition Software, users can transcribe 100% of contact centre calls within their budget. It is possible to scale with future growth. Voci is the most efficient transcription in existence thanks to GPU-powered processing. It is an open, modern, and flexible architecture. Voci offers more than 30 language models. It is the Speech Recognition Software for Windows and Speech Recognition Software for MAC. Voci is one of the Best Voice Recognition Software and Open Source Voice Assistant. The enrichment features include natural punctuation and number formatting, PCI and customizable redaction, sentiment analysis, plus all the metadata that users require to beat the competition with the analytics.



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