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Zendesk Support

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Zendesk Support is a cloud-hosted customer support software platform. It offers an efficient and reliable customer service platform to businesses, irrespective of their size. It is very easy to use and very easy to set-up. It comes with a host of features including answer bot, web SDK, CSAT surveys, and IVR phone trees. All customer interactions are collated in a single interface that is dynamic. It even facilitates seamless resolution. Users can gather the queries of their customers from multiple channels. It allows users to respond swiftly and with a proper context. Users can even measure customer satisfaction ratings, perform analytics with the help of 20+ ready to use dashboards and source performance reports. It is useful to boost the morale of the team and enhance their productivity. Advanced analytics is one of the great benefits of this software. Companies prefer Zendesk Support as it doesn't require any kind of complex training. New support agents can be easily onboarded. The open API can be integrated seamlessly with existing business solutions. Helpful and knowledgeable customer advocates and vendor's team offer support to make it easier for users. Tools offered by Zendesk Support are easily scalable as the business grows. It helps drive superior productivity and offers a higher Return on Investment.



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