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Are you in search of the world's leading BPO companies? Discover our meticulously compiled list of top business processing outsourcing (BPO) service providers, complete with verified user reviews on Listcos. BPO services facilitate the optimal utilization of resources, allowing corporate executives to concentrate on core business strategies. Additionally, BPO outsourcing saves time, enabling executives to explore new revenue avenues, expedite various tasks, and prioritize customer engagement, thereby enhancing overall productivity. Providers of business process outsourcing services empower organizations to maintain competitive rates while delivering superior service solutions, securing a stronger market position. If you're in need, simply explore the list below and find the BPO firms that suit your requirements.

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List of BPO Firms | BPO Service Providers - Verified List and Reviews

Bill Gosling Outsourcing

Making Lives Better, One Connection at a Time.

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Bill Gosling Outsourcing helps companies with customer care, account receivable management, and other allied solutions since 1955. The company was earlier known as Allied International Credit. The company has both technology and resources to assist businesses in superior customer care. Its omnichannel approach enables it to build flexible and t... Read more


Outsource Service Provider of Call Center Services

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Contactopia specialises in leasing its call-centre operational and management expertise to an expanding portfolio of clients all over the world. The company was initiated in the year 2004. It capitalizes on the abundant supply of a multi-lingual, professional and energetic workforce. Further, it offers the world-class telecom infrastructure of ... Read more


Business Process Outsourcing Services

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Max BPO is one of the top BPO companies offering call centre services, logistic BPO, data management services, e-commerce catalogue management, debt collection, healthcare BPO services, digital publishing services, and finance and accounting, among clothes. The company serves clients in different sectors including banking and finance, insurance... Read more


Contact Centres

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Surecall is a purpose-driven process optimization company offering global services to small and mid-sized enterprises and large corporations. It is of the top BPO companies that provide front-end and back-office solutions covering a full range of applications. The company can offer multiple options to get all the processes for the clients handl... Read more



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TechSpeed is a data management service provider. It empowers clients to outsource their data management in a strategic yet cost-effective manner. It offers innovative tools for data entry, data mining, data processing, machine learning support, artificial intelligence support, web research among others. The company is known to offer customised ... Read more


A reliable outsourcing at $1049/mo/person

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Triniter has a team of committed customer success managers who offer professional services through phone, social media, SMS, emails, and applications. Dedicated and passionate agents are available to offer their customers services in different languages. The company is among the Top BPO companies offering service to customers in personalized la... Read more


Amazing CustomerExperiences.Together.

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Helpware is one of the Best AI Companies. It is a digitally enabled People as a ServicesOutsourcer. The focus of the company is on serving high growth, market-disrupting, new economy, and technology companies to complete complex tasks, own interaction custody, and grow their brands. Since its inception, the vision of the company is to deliver r... Read more

Trupp Global

Crazy Good Outsourcing

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Trupp Global is a leading outsourcing service provider dedicated to empowering early-stage ventures and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to thrive and amplify their brands. With a strong presence in Bangalore, India, Trupp Global offers a comprehensive suite of innovative, customer-centric, and results-driven Business Process Outsourcin... Read more


We Optimize. You Capitalize.

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Systemart, based in New Jersey, is a leading provider of comprehensive IT outsourcing, software development, and business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the USA and Canada.

For over 25 years, we have been dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that drive business efficiency and growth for our diverse client base across vario... Read more


Your Call to Expert Solutions

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ExpertCallers is a premier provider of customer service solutions to an international clientele. Founded in 2002, the company started as a modest agency with a commitment to delivering exceptional service.

By 2008, Read more


Q: What Is (BPO) Business Process Outsourcing?

A: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is when a company hires another company to handle certain tasks or processes on its behalf. Instead of managing those tasks internally, the company outsources them to a specialized service provider. These tasks can include customer support, data entry, accounting, human resources, and more. BPO allows companies to focus on their core business activities while benefiting from the expertise and efficiency of specialized service providers.


Q: What are the advantages of BPO Outsourcing?

A: Outsourcing business processes (BPO) offers several advantages:

  1. Cost Savings: BPO allows companies to access skilled labor at lower costs compared to hiring in-house staff. This includes savings on salaries, benefits, office space, and equipment.

  2. Focus on Core Activities: By outsourcing non-core functions such as customer support or back-office operations, companies can concentrate on their core competencies and strategic goals.

  3. Access to Specialized Skills: BPO providers often have specialized expertise and technologies in specific areas, allowing businesses to benefit from the latest innovations without investing in training or infrastructure.

  4. Scalability: BPO services can be scaled up or down based on business needs, providing flexibility and agility to adapt to changing market conditions.

  5. Improved Efficiency: Outsourcing repetitive or time-consuming tasks can streamline workflows, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency within the organization.

  6. Enhanced Service Quality: BPO providers are typically focused on delivering high-quality services to maintain their reputation and client satisfaction, leading to improved service levels for businesses.

  7. Global Reach: BPO enables companies to access talent and resources from around the world, allowing them to expand their operations globally and enter new markets more easily.

Q: How BPO Companies work?
A: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) works by transferring specific business tasks or processes to external service providers. Here's how it typically works:
  1. Identification: The company identifies the specific business processes or tasks that it wants to outsource. These can range from customer support and data entry to finance and accounting functions.

  2. Selection: The company selects a suitable BPO service provider based on factors such as expertise, cost, reputation, and service quality. This selection process may involve requesting proposals, conducting interviews, and reviewing client references.

  3. Contracting: Once a BPO provider is chosen, both parties enter into a formal agreement outlining the scope of work, service level agreements (SLAs), pricing, and other terms and conditions. This contract ensures clarity and accountability for both parties.

  4. Transition: The company and the BPO provider work together to transition the outsourced processes smoothly. This may involve transferring knowledge, providing access to systems and data, and establishing communication channels.

  5. Execution: The BPO provider takes over the designated tasks or processes and performs them according to the agreed-upon standards and timelines. They may use their own infrastructure, technology, and resources to deliver the services efficiently.

  6. Monitoring and Management: The company monitors the performance of the BPO provider closely to ensure compliance with SLAs and quality standards. Regular communication, performance reviews, and feedback mechanisms help to address any issues or concerns promptly.

  7. Continuous Improvement: Both parties collaborate to identify opportunities for process improvement, cost optimization, and innovation. This ongoing partnership aims to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and value creation over time.

Overall, BPO enables companies to focus on their core competencies while leveraging external expertise and resources to enhance operational efficiency and achieve strategic objectives.

Q: What Are the Types of BPO Companies?
A: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies can be classified into various types based on the specific functions or processes they specialize in. Here are some common types of BPO companies:
  1. Customer Support Outsourcing: These companies provide customer service and support functions such as inbound and outbound call center services, email support, live chat support, and social media management.

  2. Back Office Outsourcing: Back office BPO companies handle internal business processes such as data entry, data processing, document management, accounting and finance, human resources (HR) administration, payroll processing, and administrative support services.

  3. IT Outsourcing (ITO): IT outsourcing companies specialize in providing a range of information technology (IT) services, including software development, application maintenance and support, infrastructure management, network operations, cybersecurity, and IT helpdesk support.

  4. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO): KPO companies offer high-value knowledge-based services that require specialized skills and expertise. These may include research and analytics, financial analysis, legal services, medical transcription, engineering design, and content creation.

  5. Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO): FAO companies focus on finance and accounting-related processes such as accounts payable and receivable management, bookkeeping, financial reporting, tax preparation, auditing, and financial analysis.

  6. Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO): HRO companies provide HR-related services such as recruitment and staffing, employee onboarding and offboarding, payroll processing, benefits administration, training and development, and performance management.

  7. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO): LPO companies offer legal support services to law firms, corporate legal departments, and legal professionals. These services may include legal research, document review, contract drafting and management, litigation support, and intellectual property services.

  8. Healthcare Outsourcing: Healthcare BPO companies specialize in providing healthcare-related services such as medical billing and coding, medical transcription, healthcare claims processing, revenue cycle management, telemedicine support, and healthcare IT services.

These are just a few examples of the types of BPO companies available in the market. Depending on their specific requirements, businesses can choose the type of BPO services that best align with their needs and objectives.


Q: How BPO companies calculate service cost?

A: The cost of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services can vary widely depending on several factors such as the type of process outsourced, the complexity of the tasks involved, the location of the outsourcing provider, the level of expertise required, and the duration of the engagement. Additionally, different BPO providers may have different pricing models and fee structures.

In general, BPO costs can be categorized into the following components:

  1. Setup Costs: These are one-time costs associated with setting up the outsourcing arrangement, including initial consultations, process mapping, infrastructure setup, and technology integration. Setup costs can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

  2. Operating Costs: These are ongoing costs associated with the day-to-day operation of the outsourced processes. Operating costs typically include labor costs (salaries, benefits, training), technology costs (software licenses, infrastructure maintenance), overhead costs (office space, utilities), and any additional expenses incurred during the course of the engagement.

  3. Transaction Costs: Some BPO engagements may involve transaction-based pricing, where costs are calculated based on the volume or frequency of transactions processed. For example, in call center outsourcing, companies may be charged per call handled or per minute of call time.

  4. Performance-based Costs: In some cases, BPO providers may offer performance-based pricing models where costs are tied to specific performance metrics or service level agreements (SLAs). This ensures that the outsourcing provider delivers the agreed-upon level of service quality and performance.

  5. Location-based Costs: The geographical location of the BPO provider can also influence the overall cost of outsourcing. For example, outsourcing to offshore destinations like India or the Philippines may offer cost savings compared to onshore or nearshore outsourcing locations.

Overall, businesses should carefully evaluate their outsourcing needs, budget constraints, and desired outcomes before selecting a BPO provider and negotiating pricing terms. It's essential to consider not only the upfront costs but also the long-term value and ROI that the outsourcing arrangement can deliver.

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