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Rivne, A. Melnyk str.1, 33016 Ukraine 13477057930
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A custom software development company located in Estonia and Ukraine. We specialize in the development of custom software solutions, CRM and ERP systems, and websites.
RIVO AGENCY in numbers:
– 13+ years in the market
– 7 industries
– 200+ projects
– 50+ developers

Focused Area

  • custom software development

Industries Focus

  • Healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Food and restaurants
  • Logistic
  • eLearning
  • Custom CRM and ERP systems

Reviews (7)

  • Rick J. MEDA

    To be honest, at the very beginning I had just the vision, but I didn’t have a clue how to realize it. But RIVO team lead me through all stages and explained everything in the slightest detail. I have fallen in love with the design because they created something that makes my business more comfortable for both stuff and customers, and at the same time it was intuitively clear and easy to understand. I truly got that RIVO works great and eager to provide the high quality

  • Catalina Fidrich ODEX

    The Rivo team managed to create a literary new brand for us. With such a great UI, design, and features, we received just top UX and received new customers. Our business becomes more and more popular and successful because Rivo did their work well. Great job!

  • Andrey Avramenko Skyline Energy

    The cooperation with RIVO AGENCY has truly justified my expectations. They stuck to all the requirements I had and created a website that I really wanted. Since the release, I have already engaged several partners and possible clients.

  • Medical system NDA


  • "Promtechservice" LLC Skoda


  • "Autoconcept" Toyota Center Toyota


  • Julia & Irena Papirnik Fleaurs de cafe

    While choosing the company that would realize our idea, we have seen the quality of work of Rivo Agency and started to work with them. The decision was just right as far as they created every single detail in the way we wanted. Our business blossoms as our flowers and all that thanks to Rivo Agency.

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