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BambooHR is an online human resource software system. It is apt for small to medium-sized companies. The software provides a user-friendly platform to organisations. Users can easily move their data from basic spreadsheets to advanced HRIS (Human Resource Information System) that meets their requirements. The solution is beneficial for HR professionals so that they can focus their time and energy from repetitive tasks to important ones. The Applicant Tracking System of the software allows for managing different aspects of the lifecycle of the employees. It provides visibility to the organisations regarding the staff through strategic indicators viz. retention and turnover. Users prefer BambooHR for its sleek and contemporary interface with an identifiable template. An attractive appearance plays an important role in managing the workforce, especially when the teams are large. In addition, the app provides a comprehensive feature suite that includes appropriate HR functions, personnel data modules, tracking capabilities, and ultra-modern reporting capabilities. The system makes use of a basic mechanism for tracking performance. BambooHR streamlines the HR process. It helps cut down the cycle of onboarding new employees. With the app, it becomes simple to hire and manage employees, thanks to the optional applicant tracking system. It helps show different job openings, where users can view the applications and applicant leads. This is perfect for growing companies and even decentralized teams or remote teams. This is because the software offers apps that are effective for all operational systems.



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