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Beesbusy is a project management software founded in the year 2017. With Beesbusy, it is easy to plan tasks, organise schedules and track times on the projects. A collaborative planning tool, it helps the entire team to accomplish the tasks without any hassles. The software is designed to adapt to all kinds of businesses' and individuals' requirements. Beesbusy has simplified the complexities of project management with the right tools and features. It makes every day productive by helping team members to distribute tasks among collaborators. The software allows scheduling tasks, structuring work with links, rescheduling projects, and displaying the planning in a Gantt Chart, among others. With Beesbusy, individuals can communicate effectively and centralize information while ensuring the success of the project. With features like setting confidential tasks, creating meetings, and sharing attachments, it simplifies the entire process of project management. It even offers advanced features like multi-project views, time-tracking, dashboards, and the like to help different teams collaborate seamlessly. Beesbusy is highly recommended for project managers for effective and simplified project management, for agencies that need to handle multiple teams while managing projects and even for businesspersons who require a centralized tool for team and project management.



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