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world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company

Spaces Zuidas,, Barbara Strozzilaan, SchipolRijk, North-Holland, 201108, Netherlands


BitFury is one of the top blockchain technology companies. The company develops and delivers both software and hardware solutions to businesses, organisations, governments and individuals, helping them move assets securely across the blockchain. BitFury is on the frontline of the groundbreaking technical evolution. The company offers services through Exonum and Crystal Blockchain. Exonum is an open-source, enterprise-grade premium blockchain framework. It is one of the most preferred blockchain development companies helping businesses and governments specifically by bringing their blockchain projects to life in a secure manner. The platform is used by different industries by the award-winning software engineering team of Bitfury. This platform is designed to speed up transaction processing and scalability of businesses. It offers exceptional security to the entire blockchain project. The Exonum ecosystem is such that users can build powerful blockchain platforms through smart contracts while anchoring to public blockchains. The platform can be easily integrated into different customer applications for simple auditing of the blockchain. Crystal Blockchain is on the top Blockchain Companies List building a better yet safer blockchain for organisations. Crystal powers cryptocurrency translation analysis and monitoring on the blockchain while bringing best-in-class AML compliance and risk management solutions to exchanges, financial institutions, and banks. The company analyzes and monitors 100% blockchain transactions up to 100,000 hops. Its real-time data offers clarity and accuracy while eliminating risk and compliant-driven decisions. The company ranks risks and notifies potential irregular activities to users.



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