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30 N., Gould St. Ste R, Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801, United States


Bluebash was established in 2018 as a custom software development company specializing in Web Development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud Infrastructure solutions. We have expertise in healthcare, e-commerce, and ed-tech industries, and our solutions are customized to meet each business's specific needs.

Our primary goal is to help startups and established businesses expand their horizons through innovative technology solutions. We believe in transparency and efficient processes, ensuring that our services are available 24/7, deliveries are always on time, and we maintain quality through time tracking and quality assurance. As a leading software development company, our expertise extends to technologies such as Ruby on Rails, React, UI/UX designs, Langchain, and more. We are ISO Certified and specialize in HL7, FHIR, and HIPAA-compliant solutions, guaranteeing security and regulatory adherence while providing exceptional technology services.

Our Vision

To provide a flawless digital experience with Highly reliable and Efficient software.

Our Mission

Transform Customers idea into production through software and IT services. Help companies to go digital.


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    Itrust EHR is an optometry healthcare and practice management system which is secure, customizable, and scalable. It is the most efficient, modern, and cost-effective cloud-based EHR. This cloud practice management software helps to transform the manual hectic day-to-day work of optometrists into a hassle-free digital experience. This is software for Electronic Health Record (EHR) processing capable of fully automating patient handling at small to large clinics. Project Overview The project is an ehr software system which is used by many opticians worldwide. We have 2 main apps for itrust: 1. Owner suite: It is used by iTrust Admin to manage all the organizations. It helps in managing demo requests, managing organizations, stores, staff members, integration settings, dashboards, etc. 2. Organization Suite: This app is used by various organizations and stores where patients can consult the doctor, can book appointments. Doctors save money with custom-built exam templates in the cloud EHR that adapt to your requirements. They can also create timesaver workflows to finalize patient exams faster. Doctors can seamlessly create, send, and manage all patients’ prescriptions. They can communicate with patients via 2 way texting, automate appointment reminders, and recalls. They can accept payments online as well and let patients pay anytime. Eliminate unwanted manual work during the billing process and gain valuable insurance payer insights Challenge iTrust is a one-of-a-kind product. It brings together doctors and technological solutions to create an exceptional, hassle-free experience for the patient. The product version 1.0 became the customer’s first choice in the past few years. The challenge for us was to figure out pain points and scale the product to meet customer expectations. The goal is to minimize the gap between customer expectations and product features. The doctors wanted a feature of a support system to raise their queries which were improved in version 2.0. The app became slow due to large organizations filling their data in the system and it was a pain for doctors to generate or download reports. To check the History Of Patient Illness it works perfectly. Solutions Hence overcoming our challenges, we launched the product to version 2.0 which met more customer expectations. It has 17+ modules and hundreds of useful features to manage the day-to-day clinic medical practices. The patient data is stored in the cloud database with high-end security. The app adheres to HIPAA compliance and data privacy and usage compliances. The application provides an intuitive experience for doctors, staff, and patient engagement. Our experienced UI/UX team began with designing a scalable design system to help the product scale without inconsistencies and reached to deliver a product to be used by large to small clinics. We launched a new support system where customers can raise any query related to the system, billing, subscription, or anything else. The customer can raise a ticket which will go directly to itrust admin and then the developer team will work on possible solutions. We upgraded our servers, databases, and packages to make the app fast and stable which resulted in fast reports download and generation.

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    Swiss CRM

    Swiss CRM is an advanced customer relationship tool for sales funnels. It is a scalable solution that smoothly handles millions of daily transactions. It does smart things like detecting fraud, Funnel Building on runtime, Smart payment routing, and using AI for customer support. It provides an advanced admin portal where staff can manage end-to-end orders' journeys and run reports for deep analysis. Affiliate marketing plays a key role in its product marketing sales; it has the capability to manage Affiliates' commissions and payouts. It is a custom CRM that covers 100% of client business requirements. The Challenge Our client came to us with an urgent need to overcome the limitations of their current third-party SAAS-based solution. Although all SAAS-based solutions offered a range of features, they failed to address specific pain points hindering the client's growth and didn't match their business requirements. The Solution Enhance user interface and experience by implementing Tailwind CSS for more polished design. Strengthen and reshape the CRM system in alignment with business requirements. This involves functionalities, removing unnecessary features to offer best CRM solutions. Conduct a comprehensive re-architecture of both product and campaign management systems to optimize efficiency. Integrate Funnel using Storefront APIs to enhance the overall user experience and manage the sales process to increase more focus on funnel integrations. Set up a specialized DevOps team to build a strong infrastructure. This involves automating deployment processes, daily backup routines, and configuring a master-slave architecture with load balancing for scalability during peak hours. Integrate multiple payment gateways to provide users with diverse and convenient options for transactions through smart routing payment gateway

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    PayByCard is the platfrom which provides the option to create the most advanced and secure virtual card solutions on the market in the form of Virtual cards for payments. PayByCard goal is to create the best virtual cards that are super safe, easy to use, and full of features. PaybyCard virtual cards work just like regular ones, letting you buy online. But they're even safer and handier. When you shop online, you can feel safe knowing your card details are super secure and protected from any sort of fraud. The Challenge The client was facing many hurdles in managing transactions efficiently and ensuring secure fund distribution. Their existing setup had scattered information, manual processes, and security concerns. Tracking transactions proved challenging, especially as their operations expanded. Initially, with only two user types—Admins and Clients—there was confusion in fund allocation, particularly with multiple virtual cards created by Clients. Moreover, the current system for distributing funds to merchants lacked transparency and efficiency, making it difficult to manage micro-transactions and adhere to regulatory requirements The Solution In response the the challenges, we worked on introducing Media Buyers to manage multiple cards independently within the portal, each having dedicated login portals. Integrated tools like transaction logs and corporate card management streamlined processes. Secondly, with Friendlies, we enhanced fund distribution and reporting capabilities, enabling Admins to manage transactions effectively while ensuring regulatory compliance. These solutions, combined with Bluepenguin integration and QuickBooks functionality, enhanced security and centralized control. Our scalable infrastructure anticipates future growth, backed by ongoing technical support. With improved reporting and compliance features, businesses can navigate complexities confidently.

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    Making cryptocurrency convenient. As easy as buying milk. We believe cryptocurrency will play a great role in the future of financial services as we move toward a global economy. We feel the lack of ease in purchasing cryptocurrency is holding back uptake within the general public. For cryptocurrencies to reach their full potential they should be available to all just as easily as we buy milk from our local grocery store. The Challenge The Biggest challenge was to understand the workings of the cryptocurrency in depth. As most of us are aware of the concept of cryptocurrency, still uncertainty, doubts, speculations, and reservations are dominant. Hence, the user base was still hesitant about trading in it. Our goal was to make that happen! The point of view for the whole team was to make cryptocurrency convenient. As easy as buying milk. This mantra was a guiding principle for all of us to reach a feasible & affordable solution. The Solution Bluebash was approached to build a customer and admin portal. We aimed to help with an interactive and immersive platform that provided investing solutions to the UK customer base. The initial study shows that many trading apps that existed at the time were built for traders and those who were professionally dealing with cryptocurrency. We joined hands with a Crypto-store to help enable, empower, and educate every citizen to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

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    RAWWINE is not only an E-commerce platform to sell wines but it's also a great way to showcase the wines from the growers & makers. Customers can create their profile as WINE LOVERS and can buy a wide range of Vintage & Non-Vintage wines from the finest vineyards and certified Growers & makers. RAW WINE was founded in 2012 by Isabelle Legeron & Deborah Lambert, the company's owner. Since then, it has expanded to become the largest community of low-intervention organic, biodynamic, and natural wine producers in the world, complete with fairs, a wine club, and an online store. By joining the RAW WINE club, US purchasers of RAW WINE also have the opportunity to sign up for membership for recurring monthly wine deliveries. Challenge As per the initial challenge, the client was looking for an experienced RoR development house who they could rely on and could take charge of the project, solve the blockers, provide guidance, and provide a technical approach to the scalability and important pending features which were yet to be released on priority. The client had a list of important features that needed to be discussed, planned, and released for their different types of users so that processes could be fully automated and users could have the best user experience on the website. Read about RAWWINE in its Case Study.

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    An evolutionary skincare product manufacturer, Alex Md PhD antidotal Skincare has always strived to develop products providing efficacious skin-care solutions using scientific approaches. In addition to strengthening healthy skin barriers, their products are also tested on sensitive skin. The Challenge Alex Md PhD antidotal skincare brand used to sell its products on Sebamed and was not able to differentiate itself so it wanted to make its own website to do its branding. They wanted this thing at the earliest hence, the professionalized team of Bluebash helped them to create their own website. The Solution We started by analyzing the needs of the client. Our suitable team of developers knows that the right tech stack is the key to a profitable e-commerce project. To get this e-commerce site up and running, we decided to use Spree. Our goal was to demonstrate how Spree Commerce could be an effective and reliable solution for building online marketplaces in a short time. Thus we started with spree commerce and gave the fastest solution in just 23 days. All aspects of the project were handled by us, including design, coding, and launch. As a result, we built a successful website, and the client was very pleased with our work.

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    As an LMS Myquest is not only supposed to help you learn but also to engage the user in such a way that the learning experience is memorable The CEO Edan Kertis wanted to combine learning and gaming, and they were looking for an experienced team of designers who can help them bring this idea to life, “where learning is so engaging that it does not feel like learning at all” Our Role Research Wireframing User flow User Persona UI/UX Design Challenge After our initial discussion with the client, we realized that the client is facing problems with two aspects of their product 1. The dashboard for the mentor required to be re-designed along with its information architecture 2. The design for the quest (one course with multiple lessons in it) was ready but implementing those designs in development was a big challenge. Services We Provided Information Architecture Wireframes User flow Prototyping Low Fidelity Designs High Fidelity Designs

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    About uCV uCV is the new standard for digital CVs. You will be guided to create yours, download its PDF version, or share it via a link. There are two types of users, one is job providers and the other is job seekers. Job providers will post a job and job seekers can find a job, based on the keywords search. We are soon going to implement this feature and make it a business model. The Challenge Job seeking starts with a Curriculum Vitae (or a Resume). The problem with CVs is they are outdated and are exploited by intermediaries. Both job seekers and companies are looking for the easiest way to find each other. What's the simplest way? Especially for unemployed job seekers, you might want to be found by your next employer without being exploited by the worst job agencies (although there are some good ones as well). As a job seeker, you don't want your carefully crafted CVs dusting off in some drawer, and having to continually re-send them to the dozens of databases that you applied to whenever you update it (which causes companies and job agencies to struggle with out-of-date databases) You want a database that is always up-to-date on all possible candidates from a company's perspective. There is a problem with CV databases because they become outdated after a month, no matter their size. Do not waste time contacting all your previously collected candidates to find out if they are still unavailable. The Solution By providing the right solution, we were and will be able to meet the client's expectations. The project management tool and communications tools are helping us to accomplish our goals. It cuts the middlemen out and contacts directly the candidates you like. It also saves time and money because you pay only if you need to contact several candidates for the same job at the same time. Contacting an individual candidate at a time is free.

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    Corsidia is a learning platform, which helps Students & People to grow and earn money. Corsidia’s Founder has been taking care of the development & UI/UX of the platform. To expand the business they needed someone who could maintain it for him. That’s when they decided to out source these services to Bluebash. This project started in March 2019. The client approached Bluebash with the requirement for a technology upgrade. After upgrading the technology, they also wanted to upgrade the look & feel of the platform. Since that day, Bluebash has provided services to Corsidia and will continue to do so for years to come.

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    Pop Inventory is an instant online store for every seller, social seller, local business, brand builder & marketer. It's easy to use and setup is time in minutes. No, IT knowledge is needed. As a multivendor marketplace for Merchants to sell daily need groceries, the platform needs to be capable of setting up stores with ease & ability to manage orders, inventory, shipping & payments. Mr. Mingming (Co-founder & CEO) was looking for e-commerce experts to work on MVP for market acceptance testing. Initial MVP was completed between 2-3 months & after Pre-seed funding, Mr. Mingming continued on project development to make a better version of it and meet all customer requirements. Challenge The client was expecting MVP to be done quickly so that the product could go out for acceptance testing. The target market was South Asia & targeted customers belong to the age group of 30-60, so the challenge was to integrate local delivery & payment services for payments/payouts. The user experience needs to be good as our targeted customers are not tech-savvy. Solutions Architecture Delivery Payment/Payouts Custom features

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    Claire Austin Hardy Plants

    About Claire Austin The website is an E-Commerce platform for buying plants with different seasonal flowering times. The client wanted to have an updated, latest and revamped version of the spree with a new design layout. There was an enormous amount of work we needed to perform to launch the new version of the website from Frontend and backend points of view. Some updates include the items that have been pending for a long and logic needs to be updated as per the latest standards. The Challenge The main blocker was that they were using the older version of Spree which was not updated for years. As technology updates, new things are missing and they only have the limited features they were using. Also, to make an online presence, they needed an upgraded version of the application badly. They worked with several companies in the past years but they were not able to find the right team, experience, skills, and direction that can help them in growing. The Solutions With years of experience with custom Spree solutions, we were able to provide the right direction and solution the client was expecting from us. We delivered the solution in 4 months, which other companies were not able to provide for more than a year. We keep organizing the tasks on the Project Management tool, communicate effectively throughout the project, and deliver on deadline without any failures. All we did, was properly brainstorm on the major roadblockers and solve them for successful launches.

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    Digital Gaming League

    The Digital Gaming League platform is creating virtual teams despite the geographical location barriers between them and organising knockout rounds between them is what we have facilitated in DGL. Matches are organized between all teams based on the type of elimination being followed throughout the tournament. The Challenge The biggest challenge is to get our eSports platform off the ground. The website was a very long project spanning several months of full-time development. The most critical concern was to ensure high-end performance during peak hours of server load. The research team was intensifying to figure out pain points and address each one in due time. Also, we were responsible for ensuring that code and application didn't break when we scaled the product or customer base. To meet customer expectations. The goal was to minimize the gap between players and virtual gaming features. The journey was truly amazing and our team had a great experience. The Solution We have built a powerful yet simple interface for The DGL administrator to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Our QA and Testing team ensured high-end bug-free applications through repetitive rounds of testing & bug tracking. Our development team worked relentlessly to develop a highly advanced, backed to handle large chunks of date processing. The outcome becomes outstanding after achieving many satisfactory milestones.



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