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BVDash is a cloud-based project management software solution created for different industry verticals. The software is designed for increasing team effectiveness while reducing the chances of project failure. It helps individuals win, irrespective of the size of work they desire to accomplish. With BVdash, there is no need to hunt for physical files or search for different email chains to extract customer data. The software hosts all kinds of information an individual will require across every project. BVDash is updated in real-time. It is accessible from the desk and anywhere else. The design of the software is centred around team collaboration and seamless communication. By offering supportive infrastructure, BVDash plays the role of a catalyst for teamwork. It is a user-friendly project collaboration tool offering a dashboard that can be used by multiple project teams for accessing various systems and tools. The software offers a host of features including cost control, issue management, risk management, project management, document management, scope, time sheets, and project scheduling among others. BVDash is highly recommended for teams with more than one department and several overlapping projects. Small-sized teams should use it to avail different benefits of the software. With customizable tools, BVDash makes collaboration and project management completely stress-free. Particularly known for its BirdView dashboard, the software has a mobile app version as well. It is compatible with all kinds of projects, irrespective of the nature and scope of work.



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