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ConTEXT is a small, fast and powerful freeware text editor for windows, developed to serve as a secondary tool for software developers. It is one of the best text editor software. It offers reliable text editor software tools. It comes with a custom syntax highlighter, a beneficial tool for software and web developers. ConTEXT is a versatile tool and comes with a bouquet of nifty features and options. The software even supports automatic C or JAVA-style block indent and outdent. It offers users virtually unlimited open files which other similar free text editors do not.

With its top text editor tools, users can easily switch from one file to another, as well as move and resize them. The software makes comparing different documents simple and easy. Users can edit files of any size, with a line length of 4kB. It supports Unicode UTF8 encoding. It has powerful syntax highlighting including C, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, SQL, Perl, Java, and others. Users can customise the highlighted options on their own for greater efficiency. The program comes with several code templates and allows users to comment and uncomment specific code easily.

ConTEXT offers the feature of File Compare wherein users can select two files and compare their contents. It is quite useful for quickly finding some changes in different versions of the same document. It can export to HTML and RTF formats smoothly. It can even convert between DOS, UNIX, and Mac formats without any hassle. Users get a macro recorder option wherein they can record a few actions and then repeat them with a single click of the mouse.

Focused Area

  • Editing Tools
  • Source Code Editor
  • Spell Checker

Core Features

  • Delphi/Pascal
  • Java Script
  • HTML
  • CSS

Reviews (1)

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