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CrossConcept Continuum PSA

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CrossConcept Continuum is a cloud-based professional services automation solution. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses for helping them manage projects, monitor resource allocation, track time and expenses, and manage their invoices. The software integrates budget, CRM, sales pipeline management, timesheet, forecast, expenses and clothes into one unified system. It offers a super dashboard that can be customized based on the requirements. The dashboard offers single-screen visibility into resource availability, financial data and projects. CrossConcept Continuum comes with a time-tracking feature that allows management to capture billable and non-billable work hours that are spent on the projects by different teams, departments, or individuals. The software allows users real-time visibility. They can check whether a resource is available or not. With this system, it becomes easy and simple for managers to take decisions related to staffing. They can even plan future workflows with ease. CrossConcept Continuum captures both time and expenses. This helps businesses to automate the invoices and bill their clients for the products and services offered. As it offers a host of tools that help monitor the progress of the project, users can share the updates with all the stakeholders, efficiently. It is possible to reach out for technical support through phone and email, conveniently.




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