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Doozy Tools

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Doozy Tools is an employee engagement platform. It brings teams together through different hosted experiences, interactive activities, and video chat optimised for sparking conversations. Pre-designed event templates by Doozy make meetings and irregular onboardings fun, engaging and interactive experiences. There are a host of quizzes, icebreakers, and games as well. Users get access to all the tools required for creating, managing, and animating a user interface. Doozy offers a fully integrated suite of systems for UI creation, management and animation. The UI Manager systems power user interfaces for games, VR, XR, apps, and AR applications. It is specially designed for developers. It is robust and offers easy-to-use APIs. users do not need to spend months integrating different functionalities required for user interfaces. Doozy UI operates on and optimizes at every level of the UI stack, right from native Unity callbacks to complex UI behaviours. It agonizes over the right abstractions so the users do not need to stitch together disparate systems. It is possible to add Doozy UI Manager to any Unity project for setting up a brand-new User Interface quickly. Users can easily create views, popups, buttons, tooltips, toggles, and more. Users can use Nody for visually building the UI flow logic and animate everything with the help of Reactor. They release countless features and improvements every year to help users stay ahead of industry shifts.



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