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eHospital Systems is a comprehensive and integrated hospital management system. It is highly customizable and can manage different hospital operations with ease. The software is recommended for healthcare facilities, medical practitioners, and multi-speciality clinics. The multi-location functionality of the software allows users like hospitals, medical stores, and satellite clinics to stay interconnected. It helps eliminate traditional approaches that involve the use of paper for processing information, resident work position, and mobile data acquisition and presentation. The software sends customizable alerts in form of texts, IM, and even email reminders. This results in improved patient care. eHospital systems assist users to stay aware of patient records, revenue streams, and critical metrics in real time. All the information can be availed by users as and when they require it. The software allows for the electronic sharing of patient records. Hospitals are relieved as the software automatically manages the overall health of the patients. Healthcare facilities can keep a tab on lab results and medical history online. It is possible to chat securely and schedule appointments, without any hassle. This software is very user-friendly. It helps eliminate errors due to the absence of human intervention, especially that associated with handwriting. It enables pulling up cloud information swiftly through a bouquet of computer systems. With it, it is possible for hospitals to yield optimal performance.



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