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Faveo Helpdesk

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Faveo Helpdesk is an automated helpdesk system that helps manage customer support. Built on the Laravel PHP framework, the software is especially designed to meet the requirements of startups and small and midsize enterprises. Faveo is a Latin word meaning favourable. It empowers users with a favourable and powerful ticket based support system. At present, the major challenge that startups face is that of customer retention. When companies have an organised helpdesk system like Faveo in place, it creates a good first impression. With Faveo, client queries can be handled diligently. It helps build long lasting relationships with customers. Faveo Helpdesk offers a host of tools that help manage customer queries. Companies benefit with strategic insights obtained from them to take important decisions. The best thing about Faveo is that it has been integrated with a number of platforms. New features are added on a monthly basis. Users can customise Faveo according to requirements. Users can avail free of cost Community Edition Android and iOS apps. The software offers usage and upgrade documentation on the wiki of the users. It even offers documentation of API along with development of plugins of Faveo.



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