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Freeagent CRM

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FreeAgent is an online accounting system designed to meet the requirements of small-sized enterprises and freelancers. The software uncomplicates the work of accounting while giving users real-time visibility of business performance. With this platform, users can manage their invoices and expenses without any hassles. It gives complete visibility of the income and expenses while showing the real-time position of the profit. FreeAgent lets create beautiful and customisable invoices. Users can add payment links while setting up automated invoice reminders and thank you notes. Further, it is possible to automate bank feeds and send estimates and proposals to clients in an organized fashion. The software comes with a dashboard that helps bring together all the invoices, expenses, bank accounts and other things. The software helps users organize their day-to-day admin while managing and running RTI-compliant payroll. It helps businesses keep track of their cash flow as well as profitability through its tools. The best part about FreeAgent is that it is designed for self-starters who desire to handle their accounting on their own during the initial phases. It gives freedom to the users to stay in control of their data with a check from their accountant. FreeAgent can be customized and scaled according to the needs of the users. It automates daily transactions and builds up real-time accounts for the company. Users get a live view of the business cash flow.




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