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An easy-to-use yet fully robust Document Management Software.

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GDocs is an Online Document Management Software. With it, all the documents of the users can be made accessible online in a centralized and secure hosted environment. The documents can be accessed anywhere and at any time using GDocs. Irrespective of their size, organizations can requisition and manage documents. It helps save time and resources for the organizations. The Document Management Software is built to cater to the unique needs and processes of the organization. It even helps classify documents into different categories and tracks them down as and when required. GDocs is very easy to understand and use. A robust Document Management System, GDocs is accessible by users over a network with data stored on a server, or multiple servers. The servers can run on Microsoft, Linux, or Novell-based platforms. The software is easily scalable with the network of the users and the growth of the personnel. GDocs allows users to index their documents in a central repository. They can find and manage their documents easily when required. With GDocs, monitoring access becomes easy as well. GDocs is one of the Best Document Management Software that is accessible via web client or desktop client. Users get the advantage of indexation and archival of documents, version and revision control, annotation of documents, audit trails, multi-tier security, and Full-Text Search (FTS) among others. At GDocs, document archival is integrated with applications like MS Office, Outlook, Open Office, etc. It allows easy document sharing and collaboration as well.



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