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Transforming Healthcare IT Solutions in one click

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GeniPulse is a window-based Hospital Management Software. It makes use of the latest technologies for managing the functioning of a hospital in a paperless environment. The software is modular in nature. Hence, it integrated easily with different aspects of hospitals like patient registration, IPD, Pharmacy, Purchase, Stores, OPD, and Laboratory, among others. The software comes with ready-to-utilize features, making it perfect for quick implementation. It is highly recommended for all kinds of healthcare providers, be it small, mid-sized, or even large ones having a 1000-bed capacity. All types of physicians, super-speciality hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and practitioners can use the software, without any hassle. The software is a perfect healthcare IT solution. The primary advantage of using the software is its single database that is used for linking patient demographics and medical records to TPA insurance, case information, and billing. All these features make the software an advanced hospital management system. It also offers the advantage of streamlined operations while enhancing administration and control. It is highly preferred for its improved response to patient care, cost control and enhanced profitability. The main features of the software are its modular structure, multi-level security, easy to customize, integrated design, multi-tab interface, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.



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