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Gusto is a cloud-based human resource management software. The application is suited to small to medium-sized organisations. It is a robust solution that simplifies the process of payroll, benefits, and human resources. With Gusto, users can efficiently manage the human resource needs of the employees. Features like an easy-to-use interface, automation, and innovative tools are the highlights of the software. Gusto doesn’t come with a contract and companies can cancel the account if not in use. Users can avail of a free trial that can be utilized to experience the features of the software before plunging to invest in it. The software offers reliable support over multiple mediums like phone, chat, and email. The primary benefit of Gusto is its payroll feature. Users can set up the payroll to auto-run on a pre-set schedule. This helps streamline the salaries of employees. The feature is recognized for eliminating the risk of human errors in absence of human intervention. Further, users can even avail the benefit of paperless transactions as the app is known to deliver digital paystubs via email. Gusto helps automate the calculation and submission of the federal taxes of the firm. Companies can pay via check or deposit directly. Employees can even donate to charities without any hassles. This flexible bookkeeping system successfully integrates with most-used account systems seamlessly. Gusto unburdens the users with repetitive work so that they can channel their energy into more important work.



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