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Halemind is an integrated hospital management system. It helps hospitals manage routine functions seamlessly. The software is known to offer comprehensive electronic health records or EHR. through this, it provides a technically advanced system that helps run healthcare facilities efficiently. EHR is beneficial for admin staff and doctors. It allows them to access the latest information regarding every patient. The electronic records of the patients are easily shared across platforms among the doctors, as and when required. With EHR, doctors receive updated information, which helps in taking urgent and informed decisions. With Halemind, hospitals and medical facilities store patient information electronically. It gives them convenience and ease and saves a lot of their time. Hospitals with multiple branches at different locations do not have to manually update information as it is shared via the platform through a central repository. EHRs are beneficial not only for accessing accurate information but also for time-management of medical staff. Halemind offers both inpatient modules and outpatient records, helping patients book their appointments without any hassle. They can track the treatment history while accessing their medical records and even prescriptions. With the help of the software, doctors can track patient data easily and swiftly. The data is acessible over long duration. It helps them understand the vital parameters of the patients including blood pressure, vaccine history, allergies, medication, among other things.



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