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Handy Library Manager is Commercial Library Automation Software. It is easy to use and helps run the library in a few seconds. Users can manage their library items, borrower information, and circulation transactions effortlessly. Users will find all the Features of Library Automation necessary to perform all their library management tasks in this software. It is ideally designed for small to medium-sized libraries. The software is fully features and affordably priced. The Library Automation Software has a simple user interface that helps users catalog their library items quickly. Handy Library Manager allows users to enter their library patrons and even process circulation transactions. One does not need be a computer wizard to learn to use the software. Even casual librarians or volunteers will find this application easy to learn. The Library Software does not have a limit on the number of items or patrons one can catalog with the database system. The application is ideal for libraries with up to 20,000 items. The Library Management Software can be installed on any computer with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP operating system and Windows Servers. Users can download, install, and evaluate the application. The evaluation version is fully functional, only time-limited. Users with no barcode scanner too can manage their library easily. All features are supported with manual selection and flexible lookup features. Among Library Software List, it helps users save a lot of time while eliminating potential human errors.



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