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HappyFox is a helpdesk management software. It is perfect for support agents and team members of the customer service departments in organizations. In spite of being comprehensive, the software is easy to implement. With HappyFox, businesses find it easier to prepare and handle tickets while providing support to customers. It provides a host of tools to the customer service teams to address the issues and concerns of the customers. With HappyFox, team members can produce support tickets out of social media conversations. The software is quite cost-effective. Organizations and businesses do not need to make big investments in it. HappyFox comes with excellent features like assigning support tickets to members through the round-robin technique, sending alerts to team members on the creation of new tickets and even assigning and extending ticket management processes to mobile devices. Using this tool, it becomes flexible to generate support tickets. HappyFox is known for streamlined ticket assignment, flexible ticket generation, ticket prioritization, comprehensive reporting, and mobile helpdesk enablement. With it, team members can generate tickets out of the messages and emails that they receive from customers and conversations. HappyFox allows users to configure settings specifying the tickets that they need to prioritize. HappyFox enables breaking large workloads into smaller ones to easily manage them. The software makes it easier for team members to focus on important work. It is simple to create tickets and execute helpdesk management tasks, even while they are not in the office.



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