Health360 Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software for Hospital & Clinics, HMS Software for Hospitals
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Health360 is a turnkey hospital management software solution. It helps manage every aspect of the hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and medical facilities with the help of a web banner or a mobile application. The software offers a centralized dashboard to manage various functionalities with ease and convenience. It is very powerful yet very simple to set up using the web interface. Users can manage their medical team, critical inventory, patient data, and everything that is there to be taken care of in managing hospitals. Users can experience atomic control via a super admin web panel, pharmacy web panel, and hospital web panel.

Health360-emedical system is available on web browsers, iOS, and Android. It comes with a doctor app for individual doctors at the hospital, pharmacy or clinic. With the help of the app, both present and future patients can search for doctors on the basis of their location, date and time for appointments, and even specialities. Patients can book appointments with the help of a web interface or mobile app. Hospitals and patients have complete access to patient history, which assists in better management and communication.

The software offers a dedicated section for pharmacies wherein patients can search for medicines based on the name of the medicine, its brand, and the ailment it cures. Patients can even directly buy medicines from this pharmacy section using the online shopping portal. It offers complete tracking of the delivery as well. Customers and admin can track their deliveries and receive current status.

Focused Area

  • Medical Billing
  • OT Scheduling
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Records
  • Ward Management
  • In-Patient Management
  • Out-Patient Management

Industries Focus

  • Healthcare & Medical
  • IT Services and IT Consulting

Core Features

  • Doctor management
  • Clinic management
  • Laboratory equipment management

Reviews (1)

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