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Hiver is a help desk software that enables users to manage their sales and customer support efficiently. With the software, teams can collaborate easily on shared email accounts. The best part is that they do not need to exit their present Gmail accounts. It functions like a full-featured help desk that is built into Gmail. Hiver offers all the tools that users require for providing excellent customer support, negating the complications that come with the usual help desk solutions. The primary advantages of the software are cost-effective collaboration, comprehensive features, and an easy-to-understand interface. Hiver is a cost-effective business software solution. Companies just require a Gmail account for providing customer support, managing daily operations, hiring individuals, and handling all the tasks from their regular Gmail inbox interface. With the software, users get the benefit of the shared inbox. This enables viewing all the emails, delegating work to the team mates, tracking their progress, and also marking the emails as complete when the task is executed. Hiver offers reusable email templates that users can share with their team. It enables teams to collaborate and communicate effectively. Team members can even make notes on email conversations. These notes are useful to offer suggestions and ideas.



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