HTK (Hidden Markov Model Toolkit)

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HTK (Hidden Markov Model Toolkit)

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Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK) is the Best Speech Recognition Software. It was originally developed at the Machine Intelligence Laboratory of the Cambridge University Engineering Department (CUED) where it has been used to build CUED's large vocabulary speech recognition systems. The Speech Recognition Software for Windows is also one of the Best Voice Recognition Software. An Open Source Voice Assistant, HTK supports HMMs using both continuous density mixture Gaussians and discrete distributions and can be used to build complex HMM systems. The software release contains extensive documentation and examples. A portable toolkit for building and manipulating hidden Markov models, HTK is essentially used for speech recognition research. The software also offers numerous other applications like speech synthesis, DNA sequencing, and character recognition among others. It is being used by several sites across the globe. The most preferred Speech Recognition Software, HTK comprises a set of library modules and tools available in C source form. These tools offer premium facilities for HMM training, speech analysis, result analysis, and testing.



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