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Intervals is a technology platform with customers based in over 100 countries. It is specially designed to address the workflow management requirements of businesses in the field of offering professional services. The software helps streamline the process of managing tasks, milestones and projects while keeping track of time. With this, it is possible to keep the project's budget under control while increasing the revenue by billing an additional number of hours. The primary objective is to offer customizable task management, robust reporting, and automated processes to help indisviduals spend more time working and less managing. Intervals is easy to implement without any need for software installation. It helps centralize the team and processes in a single collaborative space where members can share and store all the required information. The software is apt for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile, making it open to all. The software is apt for web design and development agencies to analyze team efforts and guage profitability. It is perfect for creative agencies helping them with time-tracking and visual dashboards. Marketing agencies should use Intervals for tracking marketing campaigns and analyzing productivity. IT Services and software development companies find it easier to manage sprints as Intervals is an agile-friendly platform. Consultants can track billable hours and create invoices automatically to stay focused on clients.



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