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Affordable, Secure, Easy Document Management.

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Leapdocs is one of the leading Document Management Software. It is known for its affordability for enterprises, especially small businesses and start-ups. The software offers a familiar interface. With Leapdocs, users can organize their files into folders just like they do on the computer or other online storage. It is both secure and reliable. One of the Best Document Management Software, Leapdocs Cloud runs on Microsoft Azure. With Leapdocs, files are encrypted at rest and in multiple geographically distributed data centres. It keeps the users up and running 24/7. Every file can have custom metadata applied, like SSN, Invoice Number, Contract Code, or Birth Date. Further, Metadata fields can be created and updated easily with Leapdocs. The Online Document Management Software allows importing any kind of file. Most of the files can be indexed and thumbnail including Word, PDF, Excel, Text, PowerPoint, ODF files, etc. A recognized Document Management System, Leapdocs allows adding as many users and creating as many groups as one desires. It helps recreate and reinforce the real-world organisational structure, be it 1 or 10,000. Users can import any number of files with Leapdocs. They are billed only for the amount of storage used.



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