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LiveChat is a new-age sleek platform for live support. It can easily be installed on any website. Users can chat with their potential clientele as well as existing ones to solve their queries. The system comes with three modules viz. operator application, online control panel and online chat window. The app for the operator is a cross-platform one allowing them to chat with the website visitors using either mobile or desktop. The software offers efficiency reports and even enables real-time monitoring of the traffic of the website. LiveChat is available in many languages including English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, German, Dutch, and Thai. It is easy to integrate with other platforms and applications. The chat window, reporting, and interface are customizable according to requirements. With LiveChat, users can supervise all the chats of team members, guiding them to offer better support. With the software, it is easy to track the performance. The ticket feature allows closing queries that are not manageable through chat. It helps the helpdesk agents to offer excellent customer support to their buyers. It provides quick answers to the customer, eliminating waiting time. The primary benefits of LiveChat are language support, great integrations, and stable functionalities. With LiveChat, users can offer an edge to the competitors. The software allows tracking site visitors in real-time. Users can find out whether visitors are adding to their shopping cart or abandoning. In such cases, it is possible to initiate a chat. In comparison to phone agents, chat agents can chat with 10x more customers.



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