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Magic Projects

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Magic Projects is a fully-featured project management software. It provides end-to-end solutions to start-ups and agencies. An online project management system, Magic Projects offers Gantt Charts, Resource Management, Traditional Methodologies, Milestone Tracking, and Expense & Time Tracking, among others. The objective of the software is to permit users to remove the maximum number of frictions they face during project management. With Magic Projects, tasks go from one member to another, naturally. It is easy and simple to navigate through the task flows with the software. Users can add comments, iterate, and even ask questions. Herein every member mentions the task that he/she is working on. This keeps team members updated about each other, without any friction. The software provides different methods to synthesize the data while extracting global information. Features that make Magic Projects special are agile methodologies, client portal, customizable templates, budget management, collaboration tools, Gantt charts, cost-to-completion tracking, idea management, portfolio management, and resource management among others. With this software, users can check whether or not they can meet deadlines. They can check the workload of the team and allocate tasks judiciously. The tag system offers interesting stats about tasks and average completion time. The notification system keeps the user posted about the life of the project.



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