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Modern Software to help every single stakeholder of the Healthcare Ecosystem

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MocDoc is a hospital management application. It is recommended for healthcare organizations, medical staff, and care providers for streamlining their hospital operations as well as processes. Often, the operations of a healthcare facility are complicated involving several tasks. With the help of the software, stakeholders in the medical industry can perform these tasks efficiently and quickly. The software offers a bouquet of tools, applications and features that helps users provide quality patient care. An excellent healthcare management solution, MocDoc allows users to organize all the processes related to in-patient and out-patient administration. With this, they can easily meet the requirements of the operation theatres, therapy rooms, and medication. The software generates lab reports automatically, implements electronic prescriptions, handles medical supplies, monitors requirements, and offers automated billing capabilities. The primary benefits of MocDoc are its automated processes, configurable templates, handling supplies, patient records, and SMS alerts to healthcare providers. MocDoc helps optimize hospital operations. With the application, users can produce visual case sheets in no time. It helps them fill in patient data automatically for future reference. The software even offers a portal wherein patients can schedule their appointments online, without any assistance. Healthcare facilities can manage patient beds and appoint staff for their upkeep after discharge. New patients get safe and sanitized beds, ensuring they share positive feedback about the hospital.



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