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Mycroft is one of the leading Open Source Voice Assistant and Speech Recognition Software. The software is private by default. It can be customized completely. The software runs on many platforms like desktops, reference hardware, Raspberry Pi and even clients’ own custom hardware. It is the Speech Recognition Software for Windows and Speech Recognition Software for MAC. The open-source voice stack of Mycroft can be remixed freely, extended, improved, and deployed anywhere. The software can be used in anything, right from a basic science project to a global enterprise environment. Mycroft is a promising platform. One of the Best Voice Recognition Software, Mycroft Assistant is reasonably priced. It offers a free trial as well. Recognised as the Best Speech Recognition Software, Mycroft is advisable for all businesses, irrespective of their size and type. Mycroft Assistant can be deployed in the cloud and on-premise as well. It is accessible from a limited amount of platforms including Windows and Linux devices. The key features of Mycroft include forecasting, multi-channel management, inventory optimization, supplier management, order management, shipping management, purchase order management, reporting and analytics, and reorder management among others.



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