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Napier is a contemporary hospital information system. It is recommended for hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities to offer advanced patient care. It helps users achieve operational efficiency while maximizing their revenue. The software is highly scalable giving hospitals the freedom to continue using the features as and when they expand and grow. It is web-native and integrated platform that is multi-lingual. Napier can be configured for meeting different information and communication requirements of the administrative, revenue, clinical, and operational departmentss of mid-sized to large-scale hospitals and networks. Napier helps healthcare facilities reduce their administration costs effectively while enhancing financial efficiency on a day-to-day basis. It assists hospitals in improved revenue mnagement. With its support, hospitals can optmize their source management as well. Its automated process management helps streamline both clinical and administrative tasks, thus empowering the staff in various ways. Hospitals can easily generate new revenue streams with the integrate solution suite of the software. It offers enhanced statistical analysis through a gamut of BI tools which enable a greater understanding of the needs of the hospitals. Napier offers deep insight into the work structure, work flows and work processes. This helps hospital make informed decisions. The access controlled system of the software with role-based access offers improved information security to the hospitals.



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