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Nimble is a customer relationship manager. It is designed to assist professionals in building better relations across all social channels. The software offers a simplified way to track, nurture and engage contacts while sourcing new leads. The process of setting up the software is simple. It can be used instantly after the set-up. Nimble offers the convenience of social media integration by bringing together the social media accounts of all the salespeople on one platform. It helps teams to use the network for taping new clientele and keeping them engaged in the social media activities of the contacts. The benefit of using this software is that it organizes all social media contacts and emails in one place, by giving the users a bird’s eye view of all the connections. Users can utilize the information to make recommendations for marking contacts as important. It is also easy to follow up with a contact at specific times. Nimble allows users to possess multiple email accounts and sync them with the software. The interesting feature of Nimble is that it allows contacts to be categorized and tag them as influencers, prospects, job titles, synergy partners, or any new list that they want to create. Nimble supports Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS & Android.




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