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OpenBiblio is a platform-independent Library Automation Software for private and public libraries. It can be used for managing media content and loans. The Library Software handles user as well employee data with ease and simplicity. The system is being used by a number of small-sized libraries and archives around the world. OpenBiblio generates statisticson library usage, alerts users about expiring deadlines, creates membership cards, and even issues reminders on items that are overdue. Commercial Library Automation Software, OpenBiblio is written in PHP. It can run on a Web Server. The Library Management Software uses PHP, MySQL and XAMP. WebOPAC can be used to make all library holdings available on an online platform. It handles all basic library functions including the administration of user and loan data, reservations and reminders for missed returns as well as inventory cataloging. Among the Library Software List, OpenBiblio comes with a host of Features of Library Automation. The typical customers for the software are large enterprises, mid-sized business and small businesses.



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