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OpenKM is a web-based document management software. It is ideal for all companies, irrespective of their size. The responsibility of the Document Management System is records management. The software allows businesses to store and manage their files and documents through archiving file sharing, and indexing. With the software, it is possible to keep track of past and current data, effortlessly. Open KM allows sharing of documents with individuals inside and outside their organization. The process of information exchange among related businesses becomes smooth and organized. OpenKM keeps users updated on changing business compliance. It even features collaboration tools that help connect remote workers. Users enjoy seamless communication with their colleagues. The platform alerts team members and makes them aware of their duties and deadlines for the projects. OpenKM is a cloud-based program that synchronizes easily with multiple devices. The Document Management Software also allows users to access their files anytime and anywhere. One of the Best Document Management Software, OpenKM comes loaded with features like document management, an Online office suite, an Email aggregator, a CRM system and invoicing, Business collaboration tools, Project management, a Calendar, and a List of team members. The primary benefits of OpenKM are simplified business processes, enhanced productivity, and a secured database. The Online Document Management Software safely stores all the files in the cloud. Users do not have to stress over security issues at all.



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