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Pipedrive is a web-based sales customer relationship and pipeline management software. It is designed for sales teams and small and medium-sized enterprises. It allows businesses and individual salespeople to plan their sales pursuits while managing strategies and closing deals. The activity-based selling methodology of the software enables teams to streamline their approach. Being a cloud-based software, it is accessible from standard web browsers or smartphones or mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. The software offers users a solid avenue for organizing leads effectively. To begin, users just have to set up an account, which is a quick and simple process. Pipedrive expedites the process of CRM while organizing leads effectively. It has a user-friendly layout which gives more accessibility to the users. The software supports easily and integrates with third-party programs like Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and others, without any hassles. Being mobile-optimized, it is known to give high-quality user experiences to sales teams and businesses. As Pipedrive is mobile-optimized, salespeople can access it anywhere and at any time. Users can easily access most of its functions through their mobiles including taking notes adding information and even making calls through the application. The software backs up the data in real-time, ensuring that no information is lost. All in all, Pipedrive is a proficiency sales management solution.




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